Alice in Deadland:
Alice in Deadland
by Mainak Dhar

What it's all about

When Alice follows a bunny-eared zombie down a rabbit hole, life changes for ever.
Fifteen years after the Rising, the great cities and countries of the Old Days are gone, and the world is overrun by Biters. The only humans are in militia groups like Zeus and independent settlements in the wilderness known as the Deadland,. Fifteen-year-old Alice lives in a settlement outside what was once Delhi. She’s a crack shot and, when faced with the Biters, has a simple motto: kill or be killed.
But once underground, Alice discovers that she is part of a strange warped prophecy, involving what might be the only surviving book in the world. And as she finds herself compelled to fulfill her role, she learns that the Biters may not be what she thought they were, and the world may not be what she thought it was.
Not since Hunger Games has there been a teenage heroine so strong and so determined. An Amazon ebook bestseller, Alice is riveting and unputdownable.
Cover illustration by Kunal Kundu

Filed Under adventure, horror, future worlds

224 Pages . Price 199/-
ISBN 978-93-82618-14-0
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