Hot Chocolate is Thicker than Blood
by Rupa Gulab

What it's all about

'I was adopted, just as I had suspected for years.'

Anu's life sucks. Her curly, unruly hair reminds everyone of a famous godman, Parvati Didi's agarbattis make her gag, she has to dissect cockroaches in school, none of her crushes reciprocate her feelings and she's always, always  in detention. But through all these, her lovely, funny family has always been there for her. 

So when a secret tumbles out of the closet and tears her family apart, Anu is shattered. Now along with boys, teachers and boring history classes, she also has to deal with a sister who is no longer a sister, and parents who are bewildered and hurt. Will things ever go back to normal again?

224 Pages . Price 325/-
This paperback edition July 2016
ISBN 978-93-83331-72-7
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