Ravana Refuses to Die
by Rustom Dadachanji
illustrated by Priya Kuriyan

What it's all about

The little town of Babubari seems to attract all kinds of dubious characters--sinister sadhus, annoyed actors, slimy sethjis, marauding monkeys ...  
And the Babubari Gang--Muru, Jitu, Chippa and Chipkili--are always in the thick of things. 
Whether it's a demon king who refuses to die, a top-secret interstellar mission, a hair-raising kidnapping or a sleazy landgrabbing, the Gang is embroiled in every adventure that unfolds in Babubari. 
Rustom Dadachanji's exuberant storytelling and Priya Kuriyan's riotous illustrations make this a book you will never want to put down!

Filed Under adventure, funny

144 Pages . Price 250/-
This paperback edition August 2016
ISBN 978-93-83331-77-2
Middle Readers