Keep Calm and Mommy On
by Dr Tanu Shree Singh

What it's all about

How do I get my kids to be polite?

How do I get my kids to stop fighting?

How do I get my son to do homework without

endless nagging?

How do I deal with teenage hormones?

How do I help my daughter deal with bullies?

As a mom (or dad), these questions must be giving you sleepless nights. But don’t despair just yet! Read this wise, funny and charming book, for handy lists. hilarious anecdotes and practical solutions to your dilemmas.

It will help you keep calm and mommy on!

Dr Tanu Shree Singh combines her academic training in psychology with her practical experience as the hands-on mother to two teenagers, to discuss the challenges and delights which today’s parents face.

200 Pages . Price 295/-
This paperback edition May 2017
ISBN 978-93-83331-82-6
Younger Readers