Jobless Clueless Reckless
by Revathi Suresh

What it's all about

My name is Kavya. That I can live with.
My brother’s name is Dhrittiman. That I’m still trying to come to terms with. And I get the feeling he has a tough time coping with it too. But we’ll survive his name.
We’ll survive the mortification of giving out an address that goes: 708, Kansas, Grand Canyon, Bangalore, India.
I’ll survive the company of friends who think I’m a vampire at best and an axe murderer at worst.
I’ll survive Kiran. I'll survive swimming sinking drowning in his blue eyes.
And Dirtyman will keep himself sane watching Resident Evil.
But what about the rest?
What about a mother who’s out to cut us off from society in general?
And a father who’d much rather cut himself off from us?
What about the board exams that loom large while I paint kolam patterns on random walls?
Basically can I please scratch my life out and start over?
Cover by Vega Niket

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ISBN 978-93-82618-15-7
Young Adults