Ninja Nani:
Ninja Nani & the Zapped Zombie Kids
by Lavanya Karthik

What it's all about


When a new danger threatens the children of the Gadbadnagar, only Deepu can sense it.

His granny, Ninja Nani, aka the Mystery Hero, doesn't believe him, but Deepu knows there's something very strange going on in Mrs Godbole's tuition class. His friends are acting like sleep-deprived zombies and why do the people caught on camera during a jewellery store heist look a lot like them?

Will Nani and Deepu save his friends before it’s too late? Will Deepu be eaten by zombies? Or will he "gasp!" turn into one?


120 Pages . Price 225/-
This paperback edition October 2017
ISBN 978-93-83331-85-7
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