When Morning Comes
by Arushi Raina

What it's all about

It’s 1976 in South Africa.

In the black township of Soweto, Zanele works as a nightclub singer and is plotting against the apartheid government. 

Her best friend Thabo, schoolboy turned gang member, has troubles of his own--a deal gone wrong and some powerful enemies.

Across the bridge, in the wealthy white suburbs, Jack plans to spend his last days in Johannesburg burning miles on his beat-up Mustang--until he meets Zanele.

Working in her father's shop, Meena finds a packet of banned pamphlets. 

A series of chance meetings sets off a chain of events--a failed plot, a murdered teacher, a forbidden love and a growing student movement that sweeps across the country like a blazing fire.

When Morning Comes is a part of the Duckbill Not Our War series. The NOW series deals with children growing up in times of conflict--powerless, vulnerable, and yet, against all odds, brave and hopeful of a better future.
  • 2018 Children’s Africana Book Award

Filed Under coming of age, serious stuff, historical

264 Pages . Price 350/-
This paperback edition May 2018
ISBN 978-93-83331-89-5
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