Flying with Grandpa
by Madhuri Kamat
illustrated by Niloufer Wadia

What it's all about

'We need to take him out of here. Xerxes will never grow up with Mamavaji around.'

Xerxes' mother wants him to be like JRD Tata, but all Xerxes wants is to be like his Grandpa - his beloved Mamavaji. His mother thinks Grandpa is a bad influence on Xerxes and she wants to separate them.

Xerxes cannot let that happen! If Grandpa learnt to fly, it might just solve the problem. But Grandpa isn't interested in any plans for him! Whatever is Xerxes going to do?

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80 Pages . Price 199/-
This paperback edition December 2018
ISBN 978-93-87103-12-2
Younger Readers