Karma Fights a Monster
by Evan Purcell

What it's all about

Karma lives in Jakar, a valley in the beautiful Himalayan country of Bhutan. But he’s no ordinary kid--he’s a monster hunter. So when Karma finds out that his school librarian, Miss Charmy, is actually a shark mutant, he sets out to get rid of her before she eats up all the students!

When he realises that Miss Charmy is a nice person, Karma feels really guilty for turning everyone against her. So he convinces the town that Miss Charmy should stay.

But then, Miss Charmy does something very, very suspicious. 

Now Karma and his sidekick, Chimmi, have to find a way to save their schoolmates. But how? When no one will believe them?

Filed Under adventure, school, fantasy, funny

164 Pages . Price 250/-
This paperback edition May 2019
ISBN 978-93-87103-16-0
Middle Readers