by Ashok Banker

What it's all about

Mumbai, 2000. Viveka, Vhy and Mikey live a life of regular pleasures--movies, pancakes, romance, gossip. Until one day, a strange message flashes on Mikey's computer:

Are you ready to enter the Vortal? 

The siblings and their family are swept into a bewildering world of time travel and adventure, cutting-edge technology and medieval warfare, dashing heroes and sinister villains. As they tumble through time and space and alternate universes, they find themselves sinking deeper and deeper into the Vortal. 

Will they survive? And if they do, how will they find one another again? 

From the author of the acclaimed Ramayana and Mahabharata series and the bestselling Krishna Coriolis comes a book which will take your breath away.

Cover illustration by Kunal Kundu

Filed Under adventure, fantasy, future worlds, families

270 Pages . Price 225/-
This paperback edition June 2013
ISBN 978-81-925948-8-0
Young Adults