Flat-track Bullies
by Balaji Venkataramanan

What it's all about

When the going gets tough, SCOOT. It's a world of flat-track bullies.

Happy annual vacation, folks!

I am Ravi, Ravi Venkatesan. You can just call me Ravi.

Vacation or no vacation I do two types of things. One: things that make me happy. Two: things that make mom happy.

Sample this:

Playing with friends, video games, chatting with girls, dreaming, sleeping ...

Attending school, special classes and competitions ...

I guess I don’t need to explain which one of the above lists is mine.

But then, who wants to go to the BANANA boring classes when I can play and go Jumping Japang with the gang?

What starts out like a comedy film suddenly turns into a horror show when a game of marbles turns MANGO ugly…. I am JACKFRUIT scared now…. Should I stay or scoot?

Cover by Priya Kuriyan

  • Shortlisted for the Raymond Crossword Book Award 2014 for Children's Writing

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This paperback edition August 2013
ISBN 978-93-83331-00-0
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