Shiva & the Rise of the Shadows
by Kanika Dhillon

What it's all about

The world may just be ending.

Cities across the world have been decimated by nuclear bombs, the air and water are poisoned and humanity is dying out. Shiva’s parents have been killed, and his brother has disappeared. But he is determined to survive the bizarre new world, hiding in Dharavi, Mumbai, with his little cousin sister Vasuki, the only family left to him.

Until one morning, when Shiva wakes up in a new school, with no memory of how he got there. And he finds that this school is like no other and his classmates are unlike people he has ever met before. They can do strange and impossible things�"disappear, influence minds, telekinesis�"but why is he here, when he has no such special ability?

Slowly and surely, Shiva discovers new and frightening things about himself as he is sucked into the ancient battle between the Shadows and the Keepers, the result of which will change the world forever.

Cover by Siddharth Dasari

Filed Under adventure, fantasy, serious stuff

236 Pages . Price 250/-
This paperback edition September 2013
ISBN 978-93-83331-05-5
Young Adults