Wanting Mor
by Rukhsana Khan

What it's all about

How will she survive in an alien city?

When Jameela's mother dies, she is left alone with her distant, moody father. He decides they will leave their small village in Afghanistan and start a new life in Kabul. Here Jameela struggles to deal with a strange culture, unfamiliar people and a new, hostile family.   

Alone and vulnerable in the war-ravaged city, can Jameela find friendship, acceptance and hope? 

This powerful and touching novel, by renowned Pakistani-Canadian author Rukhsana Khan, was inspired by a true story.

Winner of the Middle East Book Award (Youth Fiction Category), 2009

Wanting Mor is a part of the Duckbill Not Our War series. The NOW series deals with children growing up in times of conflict--powerless, vulnerable, and yet, against all odds, brave and hopeful of a better future.

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206 Pages . Price 250/-
This paperback edition November 2013
ISBN 978-81-925948-9-7
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