Alice in Deadland:
Through the Killing Glass
by Mainak Dhar

What it's all about

Alice faces her deadliest foe yet ...
After defeating the Red Guards and brokering peace with the colony of Biters, Alice believes that finally there will be peace in Wonderland, the human colony she has carved out of the Deadland.
But soon Alice and her band of soldiers find themselves at odds with the people of Wonderland. There are signs that the Central Committee in China are developing a weapon, more terrible and fearful than anything Alice has ever encountered before ...
Can Alice unite the people of Wonderland to make another stand against the Central Committee? Can they preserve the freedom they fought so hard to win?
Praise for Alice in Deadland
'Dhar manages to pack in a lot of action in every page so you don’t breathe easy.'
-- Mint
'A must-read for those who love to read fast-paced novels with powerful characters.'
Cover illustration by Kunal Kundu

Filed Under serious stuff, future worlds, science fiction

196 Pages . Price 225/-
This paperback edition October 2013
ISBN 978-93-83331-04-8
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