The White Zone
by Carolyn Marsden

What it's all about

War has been the backdrop of their lives. 
Nouri and his cousin Talib have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Though Nouri is a Shiite and Talib is half Sunni, the two never thought about it. Then one day, as groups of Sunnis and Shiites clash in Baghdad, mistrust and suspicion tear the two boys apart.
And now, Iraq isn't just at war with America. In a country that is at war with itself, the two boys must battle their own deadly prejudices.
Will Talib and Nouri be able to overcome their mutual hatred, and rediscover their friendship?
Gold Medalist for 2012 Independent Publisher Awards
The White Zone is a part of the Duckbill Not Our War series. The NOW series deals with children growing up in times of conflict--powerless, vulnerable, and yet, against all odds, brave and hopeful of a better future.

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168 Pages . Price 225/-
This paperback edition December 2013
ISBN 978-81-92594-87-3
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