Talking of Muskaan
by Himanjali Sankar

What it's all about

What would you do if you didn’t fit in?

Muskaan is in hospital, fighting for her life.

Three classmates "her former best friend Aaliya, the hottie Prateek, and the class topper Subhojoy" talk about Muskaan, and themselves. About school, home and the larger world, the school bus and the basketball court; about secrets that become burdens. And through their stories are revealed the twists and turns that drove Muskaan to try to kill herself.

Funny and tragic by turns, Talking of Muskaan is a warm, moving novel about life and death and the young people caught in between.

Filed Under coming of age, serious stuff, romance

160 Pages . Price 225/-
This paperback edition November 2014
ISBN 978-93-83331-19-2
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