When She Went Away
by Andaleeb Wajid

What it's all about

‘Leaving you and the kids. Khudahafiz.'

Said the post-it stuck on the fridge.

Since then, the sole focus of Maria's life has been to find her mother and bring her home, so that life could go back to normal. But as Maria grapples with a house in shambles, an angry father, a sullen brother, life lived on takeaways, and her growing attraction for the class hero, the Basketball Guy, she slowly uncovers clues about Ammi's disappearance. 

An insightful and funny tale of growing up with a single parent from Andaleeb Wajid, the acclaimed author of several novels including More Than Just Biryani.

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240 Pages . Price 450/-
This paperback edition October 2015
ISBN 978-93-83331-23-9
Young Adults