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We love to partner with schools and we are happy to explain some of the ideas that go behind our books to you.


At Duckbill, we believe that children's reading ages vary widely, and hence our books do not have a printed age recommendation. However, we do grade our books by reading levels, rather than age.

The gradation is done based on
a. ease of reading? (vocabulary, sentence structures etc) and
b. ease of understanding? (complexity of themes, characters and ideas)

We have three categories, which are defined in colour code, on the back of each book. Within each category, the four dots correspond to rising levels of complexity in reading and comprehension. There will be some overlaps between the categories.

Younger Readers: range from those who are just beginning to read on their own, to those who are fairly proficient reading by themselves, but are still in the stage of reading books with illustrations. (These would very roughly correspond to classes I to V.)

Middle Readers: range from those who have started reading books without illustrations to those who have graduated to fairly complicated and lengthy narratives. (Very roughly corresponding to classes V to VIII.)

Young Adults: range from those who are reading complex narratives to those who are reading some adult fiction. (Very roughly corresponding to classes VIII to XII.)

Duckbill books are based on the contemporary Indian experience of children growing up in India's cities. So the Indianness of the books is not exoticised but accepted as the reality of the protagonist (and the reader). So, for example, what an idli is is never explained within the context of the story because we believe that every Indian child, regardless of whether they are growing up in the north or the south, should be aware of this.

You are the best judge of what books are suitable for your class, but if you would like to see some recommendations as a preliminary point, click here.

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If you wish to purchase books for your library, organise an author's visit to your school, or just discuss any literary matters related to your school, please contact us here.

We do hope you and your students will enjoy the Duckbill books!