Darn good yarn, and funny too.

"One night, in the dim darkness of his room, Moin heard something shuffling and sniffling under his bed ..."
It is a monster.
Moin has to learn to live ... Read More

“It was no great hardship for Moin to stop singing, but stopping the monster was proving to be an impossible task ...”

When you share a house with a ... Read More

Mix one lonely princess with a bunch of school friends and a little boy; add a top secret recipe Masterbook, lots of exotic food, a villainous raja and ... Read More

Rousseau is a silly, happy dog who has one special power: he can tell the time.
When the Orange Marmaladies from the Black Hole of Time stop all ... Read More

My name is Kavya. That I can live with.
My brother’s name is Dhrittiman. That I’m still trying to come to terms with. And I get the feeling he has ... Read More

When the going gets tough, SCOOT. It's a world of flat-track bullies.

Happy annual vacation, folks!

I am Ravi, Ravi Venkatesan. You can just call me ... Read More

by Shals Mahajan
illustrated by Shreya Sen

Timmi's life is full of tangles: Her mother expects her to go to school even though she's a raja; Idliamma eats up all her idlis and everyone thinks ... Read More

Can a fart change a life? Authors Jerry Pinto, Anushka Ravishankar and Sayoni Basu delve into their childhood memories of Goa, Kerala and Bengal, ... Read More

For Sale:

One sister. Age: 8. Pesky. Likes cigarette sweet. Answers to the name of Pingu. Free! If you take her boopy too.

Dear Vanamala, I have taken ... Read More

Petu Pumpkin is always eating. When he starts emptying his friends' tiffin boxes, they form a secret society to save their lunches. But the magic ... Read More

'Probably one of the best teen books from an Indian writer' - 101 Indian Children's Books We Love
Priya believes her dad died before she was born until ... Read More

by Natasha Sharma
illustrated by Vandana Bist

The mighty Mughal emperor Akbar is angry. Someone is leaking secrets of his court to his enemies. What's worse, his enemies are now laughing at Akbar. ... Read More

by Natasha Sharma
illustrated by Tanvi Bhat

The great Mauryan emperor Ashoka is furious. Someone is messing with the messages he wants inscribed on rocks and pillars. What's worse, the messages ... Read More

The Orange Marmaladies are back!

This time they have captured Rousseau, the timetelling superdog, and taken him to Marmaland, to find out what makes ... Read More

The Candy Bandit is on the loose ...
Laddoos, cupcakes and candy are disappearing from lunch boxes! Will the Superlative Supersleuths catch the thief ... Read More

The Gap Club has challenged the Fourth Standards to a football match. But they cannot practise unless they get a football! The fate of the match rests ... Read More

by Natasha Sharma
illustrated by Priya Kuriyan

Razia Sultan, the dynamic ruler of Dihli, is enraged. Someone is sending her pesky presents--girly dresses and soppy poems on sultanas. What’s ... Read More

by Arti Sonthalia
illustrated by Sebin Simon

Krish has to give a speech at school. But how can he, when he stammers? And what’s worse, his partner is the Big Bully! Will Krish get out of this ... Read More

by Shabnam Minwalla
illustrated by Tanvi Bhat

Nina is very shy, but she has a secret superpower. When a silver owl disappears from a neighbour's house, it's the shy supergirl who has to find the ... Read More

by Jerry Pinto
illustrated by Priya Kuriyan

Enter the monster garden

and meet a Scrumpeelious 

a Sharmistickle 

a Tankstomper ...

... and many other strange creatures. 

But what does a Sharmistickle ... Read More

Nothing worries Nanju too much; not the fact that he walks funny or that he’s known as the class copy cat or that the cleverest (and prettiest) ... Read More

The hispid hare

is rather rare"

in fact, outside north-eastern east

it lives nowhere,

and even there

it is a most uncommon beast.

With scientific facts, ... Read More

by Shabnam Minwalla
illustrated by Tanvi Bhat

Sumi is not a lucky girl. Her super-chef mom is always feeding her things like pumpkin peel muffins and furryleaf parathas. Yuck.

Sumi has to get her ... Read More

by Meera Nair
illustrated by Priya Kuriyan

Maya has finally become a monitor! But oh no! She's lost the key to the class cupboard! It's not at home, it's not in the playground and it's ... Read More

The little town of Babubari seems to attract all kinds of dubious characters--sinister sadhus, annoyed actors, slimy sethjis, marauding monkeys ... Read More

by Yashodhara Lal
illustrated by Shreya Sen

Peanut's plans always end badly! 'No more plans,' says her mother. But the neighbourhood pups need help, so Peanut has to make a new plan, urgently! ... Read More

Sinister aliens are on the loose ...

Money is appearing mysteriously in unexpected places around the city. UFOs have been spotted in the sky. ... Read More

An antique watch is stolen...
Packets of Mayamix are destroyed...
A neighbour goes missing...

Something fishy is going on and Mira the detective will get ... Read More

What do you do when strangers suddenly become part of your life?

Maitreyi’s new year at Hill School does not begin well - a few days before school ... Read More

by Rupa Gulab
illustrated by Chetan Sharma

Sandy's mummy is getting as large as an elephant. But he has no time to worry about it because his new friend, Aftab, needs saving from mean Mrs ... Read More

When Petu starts cheating, his friends are sure he is headed for a life of crime. They try everything to stop him--hypnosis, a home-baked truth ... Read More

What do you do when you're all alone, with no friends at all?

Elizabeth is apprehensive about going back to Hill School. For a start, it has now become ... Read More

by Shruthi Rao
illustrated by Lavanya Naidu

Jahan’s best friend Susie has a lisp. The boys in the park tease her and call her Thoothie and the kids at school laugh at her. Fed up, Susie ... Read More

Something strange is afoot at the Royal Academy of Science, Magic and the Arts ...

A standing statue sits down with a meditative smile ...

A demigod is ... Read More

by Shabnam Minwalla
illustrated by Tanvi Bhat

When Jiya meets Urmila, she sees a loud girl with a fierce expression and too-bright clothes. Urmila sees a snooty girl with a dull dress and no ... Read More

Everyone says Chumki is unlucky and makes things go wrong with her 'magic'. 

No wonder she has no friends.

Can her brother Aki's plan help Chumki make ... Read More


There's a mummy at the Gadbadnagar Museum! A real live--er, dead--mummy, and it's awake! And eating people!


Wait, it gets ... Read More

Karma lives in Jakar, a valley in the beautiful Himalayan country of Bhutan. But he’s no ordinary kid--he’s a monster hunter. So when Karma finds ... Read More

May 2019

by Yashodhara Lal
illustrated by Shreya Sen

Peanut used to love the piano. But now it’s a big old monster, that comes with lessons, exams and Moonish Sir’s scolding, and she’s had enough ... Read More

by Arefa Tehsin
illustrated by Chetan Sharma

Only those who really, badly need an answer would dare go to the witch! But Amra has done something bad, and he really, badly needs to know if he is ... Read More