Future Worlds

Stories that are ahead of their times.

"The wordkeeper was taken; abducted right under my nose. That left my final hope, the new wordkeeper."
Anya’s carefree teenage life is thrown into ... Read More
When Alice follows a bunny-eared zombie down a rabbit hole, life changes for ever.
Fifteen years after the Rising, the great cities and countries of ... Read More

Mumbai, 2000. Viveka, Vhy and Mikey live a life of regular pleasures--movies, pancakes, romance, gossip. Until one day, a strange message flashes on ... Read More

'One day they were here and the next day they were gone.'

The world is in great danger. Kali, the powerful god, has a new weapon "the deadly ... Read More

Alice faces her deadliest foe yet ...
After defeating the Red Guards and brokering peace with the colony of Biters, Alice believes that finally there ... Read More