hOle books
The hOle series for young readers

The hOle books are a series of early chapter books for children transitioning from picture books to independent reading of longer text. Recognisable by the hOle at the top corner of each book (through which characters leap from one page to another, lights are shone and things are dropped, this series is full of fun stories, gorgeous illustrations and yes, hOles. There are over 1,00,000 copies of hOle books in existence--across nineteen titles. Books in the series have won national awards like the Crossword Book Award and international awards like the Crystal Kite Award.

'Each of the ... books in Duckbill’s hOle Series is a joy to behold—and not just because of the quaint design. Children’s books in India have seldom felt so “international”, charged by the synergy of delightful storytelling, charming illustrations and impeccable packaging.'--Mint Lounge

'Filled with exciting escapades, amazing adventures and lively characters, these books are quite a catch for budding readers.'--Zen Parent

'The hOle series introduced by Duckbill fits snugly into this gap (hole?). The books are illustrated. The font size is large. At around 70 pages, the books are not intimidating. Perfect for those taking their first steps in the world of chapter books.--Saffron Tree

'The branding of hOle Books is delightful with a big fat hole punched straight through the top right hand corner of every book. The moment Sarah spotted it, she was ecstatic. She immediately poked her finger through it and danced around the house singing, “its mine, its mine”. Hmm! Not sure if that is what meant to be done to books, but if it helps inculcate a love for books, for reading, beginning with the tactile sense, then I am all for it!'--www.jayabhattacharya.com

'The hOle books by Duckbill experiment slightly with the book form. As the name suggests, these books with a hOle, add a fun element to the book. There is a hole at the top right end of each book, which somehow younger children find very fascinating! As is typical of hOle books, the very construction of the book with a hole, is an added attraction!'--Bookedforlife

'Have you read a (w)hole book? Okay – apologies; I can’t resist the pun! The hOle books published by Duckbill are a series of early readers bursting with energy, humour and feisty characters, with plenty of imagination thrown in for good measure. Their slogan is ‘Jump into reading through a Duckbill hole’, and the defining feature of the books is, in fact, a hole in the top right corner, just right for holding/twirling the book on a small finger. The hole is also often incorporated into the black-and-white illustrations that are scattered throughout the books'.--mirrorwindowsdoor.org

'The hOle series published by Duckbill, a set of early chapter books with large font sizes and delightful illustrations. At around 70 pages, the books are not intimidating. Perfect for those taking their first steps in the world of chapter books.'--Indian Express

'Through hOle books, Duckbill [has] done a fantastic job of introducing simple chapter books with an Indian context ... There is an actual hole punched in the corner of each book, right through the covers and all the pages. So, jump in to have a HOle lot of FUN!'--Onceuponatime.in