Middle Readers

Stories of different lengths and complexity but what they have in common are captivating narratives with exciting plots and characters you will never forget, whether they are sassy schoolgirls or galaxy-saving pumpkins.

Whenever mankind is in trouble, a hero always emerges.
The groinks are slowly taking over planet after planet, and their next target is Earth. The ... Read More
Mix one lonely princess with a bunch of school friends and a little boy; add a top secret recipe Masterbook, lots of exotic food, a villainous raja and his ... Read More

When the going gets tough, SCOOT. It's a world of flat-track bullies.

Happy annual vacation, folks!

I am Ravi, Ravi Venkatesan. You can just call me ... Read More

War has been the backdrop of their lives. 
Nouri and his cousin Talib have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Though Nouri is a Shiite ... Read More

For Sale:

One sister. Age: 8. Pesky. Likes cigarette sweet. Answers to the name of Pingu. Free! If you take her boopy too.

Dear Vanamala, I have taken your ... Read More

The Candy Bandit is on the loose ...
Laddoos, cupcakes and candy are disappearing from lunch boxes! Will the Superlative Supersleuths catch the thief ... Read More
Neel's parents want him to win a scholarship, and go to the big city to study. But Neel doesn't want to leave his beloved Sundarbans, with its beautiful ... Read More
What is the connection between a murder in 1919 Stockholm and a drug ring in present-day India?
Sherlock Holmes is dead, but his legacy lives on in ... Read More

Nothing worries Nanju too much; not the fact that he walks funny or that he’s known as the class copy cat or that the cleverest (and prettiest) girl in ... Read More

Chotu is blind, but it doesn't bother him much. His sister Pari helps him with everything. Besides, she's promised him she'll get him his eyesight back ... Read More

'I was adopted, just as I had suspected for years.'

Anu's life sucks. Her curly, unruly hair reminds everyone of a famous godman, Parvati Didi's ... Read More

The little town of Babubari seems to attract all kinds of dubious characters--sinister sadhus, annoyed actors, slimy sethjis, marauding monkeys ...  
And ... Read More
Sinister aliens are on the loose ...

Money is appearing mysteriously in unexpected places around the city. UFOs have been spotted in the sky. If ... Read More

"Kartik lives, breathes and dreams football" and now he cannot play!

When Kartik and Kavya move from Kolkata to Rourkela, neither is enthusiastic about ... Read More


What would you do if you wanted to watch your favourite show, but someone mean and cranky and scary was hogging the TV?  

Deepu is the ... Read More


When a new danger threatens the children of the Gadbadnagar, only Deepu can sense it.

His granny, Ninja Nani, aka the Mystery Hero, doesn't ... Read More

What do you do when strangers suddenly become part of your life?

Maitreyi’s new year at Hill School does not begin well - a few days before school ... Read More

My name is V. Arun. I am seven years old.

My father’s name is Venkatesh. He is very good. He never gets mad at me. He buys me a lot of toys and ... Read More

What do you do when you're all alone, with no friends at all?

Elizabeth is apprehensive about going back to Hill School. For a start, it has now become the ... Read More

Something strange is afoot at the Royal Academy of Science, Magic and the Arts ...

A standing statue sits down with a meditative smile ...

A demigod is ... Read More

What do you do when you have secrets you can’t share?

After her first term in Hill School, Ayesha is quite happy to go back to school--because she has new ... Read More


There's a mummy at the Gadbadnagar Museum! A real live--er, dead--mummy, and it's awake! And eating people!


Wait, it gets ... Read More

Karma lives in Jakar, a valley in the beautiful Himalayan country of Bhutan. But he’s no ordinary kid--he’s a monster hunter. So when Karma finds out ... Read More

May 2019

What do you do when everything familiar in your life might disappear?

Mahrukh is excited to be back at school for the winter. They have a new basketball ... Read More