Young Adults

For young adults we have an eclectic mix that caters to many tastes, including urban coming-of-age stories, fantasy stories with kick-ass heroines and heroic avatars and horror tales in a high-tech world.

It began with undead Taliban in Afghan villages" and faster than anyone could have anticipated, the darkness spread through the world.

In a world laid waste ... Read More

"The wordkeeper was taken; abducted right under my nose. That left my final hope, the new wordkeeper."
Anya’s carefree teenage life is thrown into turmoil ... Read More
When Alice follows a bunny-eared zombie down a rabbit hole, life changes for ever.
Fifteen years after the Rising, the great cities and countries of the ... Read More
These are beautiful, subtle poems--sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always thought-provoking. They talk about the things that young people struggle ... Read More
My name is Kavya. That I can live with.
My brother’s name is Dhrittiman. That I’m still trying to come to terms with. And I get the feeling he has a ... Read More
After her board exams are over, teenager Sonali, known as Li to her friends, meets a tall, dark and mysterious stranger called Omi Daan on Facebook. What ... Read More

Mumbai, 2000. Viveka, Vhy and Mikey live a life of regular pleasures--movies, pancakes, romance, gossip. Until one day, a strange message flashes on ... Read More

The world may just be ending.

Cities across the world have been decimated by nuclear bombs, the air and water are poisoned and humanity is dying out. ... Read More

'One day they were here and the next day they were gone.'

The world is in great danger. Kali, the powerful god, has a new weapon "the deadly Skyserpents" ... Read More

How will she survive in an alien city?

When Jameela's mother dies, she is left alone with her distant, moody father. He decides they will leave their small ... Read More

Alice faces her deadliest foe yet ...
After defeating the Red Guards and brokering peace with the colony of Biters, Alice believes that finally there will ... Read More

'Probably one of the best teen books from an Indian writer' - 101 Indian Children's Books We Love
Priya believes her dad died before she was born until her ... Read More

What would you do if you didn’t fit in?

Muskaan is in hospital, fighting for her life.

Three classmates "her former best friend Aaliya, the hottie ... Read More

Didda, princess of Lohara, is beautiful, intelligent--and lame.

Despised by her father and bullied by his heir, Didda's childhood is miserable and her ... Read More

‘Leaving you and the kids. Khudahafiz.'

Said the post-it stuck on the fridge.

Since then, the sole focus of Maria's life has been to find her mother and ... Read More

‘This book is a chronicle of memories ... narratives from an India which few of us who read this book will ever encounter.’

Have you ever really ... Read More

So okay, I’m a monster.

But look what I have to deal with--my brother is a frightened little freak, my father is selfish and ill-tempered, my mother is ... Read More

It’s 1976 in South Africa.

In the black township of Soweto, Zanele works as a nightclub singer and is plotting against the apartheid government. 

Her ... Read More

‘Sometimes, Korok, it is best if the sorkar forgets you.’

Korok lives in a small Gond village in western Odisha. His life is in the garden which he ... Read More

Seventeen-year-old Irfan Ahmed is handsome, easy-going and deeply in love with his girlfriend, Uma. However, when Uma dumps him for his best friend, ... Read More